Physiotherapy Consults

Ross practices out of Freedom Sports Medicine in Ringwood, where he is a Co-Director. Here he can help with anything from an acute injury due to overuse, chronic pain issues or high level sports rehabilitation. In these consults, key areas of treatment are addressed.


Strength and Conditioning Programs

Now that the acute injuries have been sorted in a consult with Ross, it’s time to take it to the next level. Have a tailored program created where Ross will look at aspects such as performance enhancement, mobility, posture and strength. The aim of these programs is to educate people on the importance of strength and conditioning training so that they have the knowledge to take care of their bodies in the longer term. This applies to everyone: athletes, professionals, and the elderly. Anyone can benefit from Ross’ approach to physical wellbeing.


Day Courses and Presentations

Ross loves nothing more than to share his wealth of knowledge. Later this year, he will be starting short courses covering everything from mobility tricks and tips, to an overview of the difference forms of strength training: what are they good for and how can they improve your health? Learn how to loosen up stiff thoracic spines, hips and hamstrings from too much sitting. Understand how the decisions made day to day can impact movement capacity and how different exercises lead to different outcomes.

Presentations can be tailored to the audience. Have Ross speak to your gym team on the differences between strength and power training, or office workers on how to avoid work related injuries and how to reduce stresses on the body.

If you think this could be beneficial for your workplace, or relevant to your profession, contact Ross for a chat.



Train with Rosco

No matter what a patient’s fitness, lifestyle or age, Ross will create a program that can help anyone with their overall physical wellbeing.

As a Sports Physiotherapist Ross understands his patients injuries and limitations. Each program is tailored to their specific needs.

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