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About Ross

Ross oozes passion like no one else.

He believes that when one door closes, another one opens and that couldn’t be truer for his own journey.

Growing up as a happy, healthy kid led to athletics, AFL and basketball before adulthood. He was fascinated by how hard work and dedication really did lead to results. Ross always felt a drive to help people and had his heart set on becoming a doctor. After completing a science degree, medicine didn’t quite happen. It was meant to be, because Physiotherapy was the next option and it’s unfolded into Ross’ true passion.

Ross’ career began after graduation when he entered the Army as a Military Physiotherapist, rehabilitating everyone from cooks to Commando’s back from injury to full service. After this incredible experience he completed a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and went on to work with various VFL and AFL teams.

Feeling confident in his knowledge and skillset, Ross opened his own clinic as a partner: Freedom Sports Medicine. Three years later and he has completed his second masters in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning).

The overachieving doesn’t stop there… Ross has hiked the Kokoda Track, competed in 8 marathons and 5 Ironmans, including the 2013 Ironman in Hawaii where he was challenged by some of the best endurance athletes in the world. This is a man that truly walks the talk. He lives and breathes wellbeing. Not only physical, but mental too.

There’s a softer side to Ross’ athletically hard outer shell too. You’ll find him stopping to smell the roses, literally and metaphorically, in his garden or on a stroll in the sunshine with his fiancé Sophia and dogs George and Suki.





Ross believes physiotherapy is much more than half an hour appointments

to treat acute injury, with some exercises and hands on therapy thrown in.

Whilst this is still incredibly important and holds a lot of value, ongoing guidance ensures his patients are as healthy and happy as possible in the long term. His philosophy centers around education. Patients need to understand the necessary strength and conditioning at different points of their lives and what a transformation the correct rehabilitation and training can make.

Understanding leads to empowerment and giving someone a solid foundation means that they perform better, heal faster, are injured less and prevent muscle deterioration as they age.



Train with Rosco

No matter what a patient’s fitness, lifestyle or age, Ross will create a program that can help anyone with their overall physical wellbeing.

As a Sports Physiotherapist Ross understands his patients injuries and limitations. Each program is tailored to their specific needs.

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